Opening the Gates

Pastor Basil O. Ibeh

Text: Isaiah 45:1-3 ; Isaiah 60:11-15;Genesis 22:17; Acts 12:10; Ruth 4:1-11;Colosians 2:14

Gates of gates signifies alot. God places great importance to who gives, who possess and the one who control is very important.

The power to possess gates particularly of those who hate you. Genesis 24:60 ; Genesis 22:17

In the bible Gates represents :- royalty, security, etc Joshua 6:1. We also have table gates Acts 3:1

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There are spiritual gate keepers and physical gate keepers.

Gates regardless where they are placed they represent

  • Security & Defence – They are used to secure properties and valuable resources against those who should not have.

Gates can be for you and also against you.

  • Control & Dominion – 2Kings 6:24-32 ; 2 Kings 7:1
    • Places, Governments & Administartion of Judgement – Deutronomy 16:8 ; Deutronomy 17:8 ; Deutronomy 21:19.
    • Judges don’t have jurisdiction. Deutronomy 25:6-

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